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We will not reply to E-Mail that...
1. contain type of argument that does not worth the bandwidth it takes to reply to it (i.e. if it's illogical and/or poorly reasoned). Fortunately, this happened rarely
2. overuse of improper language. You know, behaving on the Internet is exactly alike the real life; "d*mn", "f*ck", "sh*t" and the like should be avoid in both of them.
3. makes comments in the name of everyone, or anything similar. If you want to tell us something, please, tell us what you think.
4. do not state a proper title... As everyone else, we receive a lot of junk mail. If you don't state a proper title you might be filtered by mistake.

Now... the FAQ section.

Note that this should be used wisely, it's not because a question is listed here that you cannot ask further details about it, this FAQ is here to provide a quick answer to frequent questions.

Well, let's get started...

Q: Who are you? What is your gender? What is your name?
A: For those who absolutely want to know, keep guessing... :P

Q: I'm looking for a picture of *enter color here* dragons, can you help me?
A: Of course I can help you, but have you try to look around... there're a lot of galleries on the Internet about dragons.
Try to look those URL before you E-Mail me, most of the time what you are looking for is here: very nice place for tutorial and free clipart A lot of picture here 3D Computer Drawing (all the know link for dragon galleries)
Now if you can't find anything there, you can E-Mail me with a proper description of what you are looking for... (hey do not worries this can happen...)

Q: I think something on you site is wrong, when you say this or that, I believe there is mistake...
A: Well, I'm human, I do make mistakes. If something look obviously wrong, just tell me:
1. What you think is wrong.
2. Why do you think this is wrong.
Note: You must give me 1 AND 2, if you want me to check and do changes.

Q: What is the reliability of your info? Can I use them without risk for a school/research/business work?
A: I cannot guaranty the reliability of my informations... As you can see, I got a life and paying damages the rest of it to someone who get fired, injuried, insulted... because s/he use of these informations in a inapropriate manner isn't what I was looking for when I have designed this site.
I would like to guarranty the reliability of my information but I can't. At least not officially.
All legal information about this site can be found here.

Q: I disagree over the behavior of the dragons they shouldn't act the way describe on your site.
A: Dragons are living creature; being intelligents creatures they do not all behave exactly the same way.
It's exactly the same thing with humans, you can't say:"this guys come from USA so he should acts like this..." nor you can tell the behavior of a dragon with the color of his or her scales. The best you can do is to make general tendencies but anything precise (example: red=evil, gold=good) is totally make up by role playing games to make these games easier to understand and easier to play.

Q: I can't understand why u say dragons are real?
A: Well, dragons certainly exist in the imagination of every human being treading Earth. My site explains how a creature such as the dragons *could* have existed in our world without using magic to explain their abilities and existence.

Q: Hello!? Where are you?!!! Why haven't you answered my mail?
A: I reply to everyone who send me E-Mail except for the people who deliberately break one of the four simple rules at the top.
It's could be my server or your server making the trouble and if you feel that your E-Mail was left unanswered for a long period of time, just send it again and tell me you already send me a message.

Q: The music is quite anoying after a time, can you simply remove it?
A: Of course I can, I'm the webmaster... but I won't.
As you see no one like the same kind of music, you have all different taste. Moreover, the music isn't hidden and you can easily turn it off if you don't like it.
Try to look at the bottom of the page you will see a media played icon, you can stop it here.

Q: Yeah, I know but I really hate pages that contain music, the web was invented to provide useful informations and it shouldn't not be used as a jukebox!
A: Well, if you don't like music on the web, turn your speaker OFF... It's much more simpler than E-Mail everyone to remove the music on their site, don't you agree with me?

Q: Can I give you gift (ie image, drawing, work)?
A: Gift of any kind are always welcome here...
Moreover, it help us to make a better site and thus making the site more attractive and more ressourceful. Any image, music and theory are greatly appreciated.

Q: What if I want to use your work on my site?
A: Well, you should try to make your own page with your own info, but sometime it's could be very hard to make something new with what seems self-evident.
If you must copy an entire page, please do not! Make a link instead, the Internet a little more unreliable each time you duplicate information: people when they will try to find something useful will only be bored to death if they see the same thing over and over again...
If you must use a part of a page, please contact me FIRST! I usually agree if you ask nicely (include the URL of your page, I usually want to take a look at it before)
Everytime you use part of my site on your, a link is always greatly appreciated as usual. :)

Q: When I go see your page, it's display a message that this address is unavailable or have been locked. What going on?
A: Well, either I currently working on this page or my ISP is doing me some trouble again. Wait a few days and everything should return to normal...
If not, feel free to contact me.

If your question isn't here, E-mail me at

English or French only! (please)