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  Sunday, June 25, 2000

Few glitchs fixed - 22:21 PM - Tempest
Glitchs, in the AD&D section, my server seem to corrupt the file I uploaded. This is no longer the case: All the file have been converted in MS Word v 6.0 format.
The Standard PC sheet v3.4 has been release as well as the Rogues and the Wizards PC sheets v3.4
I also added two new legends: "The Cooper and the two Dragons" and "Childe Wynde"

This is all for now...

  Tuesday, June 6, 2000

More Legends added - 18:30 PM - Tempest
I just added 3 more legends... I seem to work only on this section but it's a new section and it request a little more attention for now until it contain enougth information.

I hope you like them.

  Friday, May 26, 2000

Minor Update - 9:43 PM - Tempest
Update of the TSR links, anyone who asked me where to find the Council of WyrmTM can easily do it from the AD&D Section.
I add a sculture in the Art Section, very nice firebreathing dragon... You should take a look.
I also add two new legends. They are available on the Myths and Legends page.

  Wednesday, May 24, 2000

More Artwork - 11:58 PM - Tempest
I'm sorry for the terrible delay to display those drawings... To speed up the process, be sure to include the name (or nickname) of the author of the drawing.
If you don't receive a reply when you send your drawing and we display it here, we are still very grateful to help us... At any rate, they are available now.

  Sunday, May 21, 2000

Last phase Completed - 10:13 PM - Tempest
I just finish to update the Link & Rings section, I finally manage to find something quite representative for the web sites in this section. I received very positive comments to now...
Just one problem remain, for an unknow reason Netscape v4.x doesn't load the 2 last rings on the page, even if Netscape 3.x does it very well. There is no problem with any version of MIE. I checked the code again and again and I really can't find any mistakes so I will blame my browser...

Here a short summary of what have been updated in the last 2 months:
- More pictures in the AD&D section
- A new design for Artistic section
- A new design for the Myths & Legends section that is finally online
- Better pictures in the Links & Rings section

I have changed the URL of the Miscellaneous section (arts) for two reasons, the first is that this section is now called the Artistic section and the second is that I suspect some people to link directly to the pictures in this section. For the ones who linked the page (html), please update your links and for the ones who linked the pictures, please do not, this is called bandwith stealing and if you do not behave respectfully (ie link to the html page instead), I will have to make a script to prevent you to link to these pictures.

A real Miscellaneous section will make it appearance at the end of June... this new section will contain essaies and commentaries about dragons.

  Wednesday, May 17, 2000

Minor Update in the Legends section - 5:29 PM - Tempest
I just added the myth of the "Peasant and the Dragon", I will try to add a new myths every week...

  Monday, May 15, 2000

Legends section online and third phase completed - 11:26 PM - Tempest
Remember the little construction sign that lasted two years aside the Legend section, well you won't see it anymore since this section is finally available.
The design of this page have been seriously modified, the old design has never be released nor it will ever be. This complete the third phase and sincerely I hope you like the legends and the myths displayed here.

More update are planned toward the end of the months.

  Friday, April 7, 2000

Second phase completed - 10:17 PM - Tempest
This update was aimed at the miscellaneous section. For those you don't rmember the original design of this section, let just says that it's was enough to press the "back" button at the first sight.
In order to be at the height of the artwork from the various people who send me their work, a design update was necessary.
You can compare the New Page to the Old Page you will definitivemely agree that the new page is much better.

I hope you enjoy...

  Monday, March 20, 2000

New theories and more picts! - 9:44 PM - Tempest
It has been a long time since the last update...
The first addition is the "wings and flight" theory on the description page, I hope you will like it.
The second addition is to comply with your requests to have more pictures on this site... This is the first phase of a total of four:
You will notice this change in the AD&D section, it take a while to load but the picture are much better than the colored font I used before.

More change are comming soon :)

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